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Have questions about The Queen Bee Bakery? We've got answers! If you have a specific question not addressed here, please email us and we will send you an answer. 


  1. What gluten free flour blends does Queen Bee Bakery use?

    We use two different blends - King Arthur GF Blend and a protein rich gf blend recipe from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). The King Arthur blend is made up of brown rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch. This is the most widely used blend and appears in all products. The CIA blend consists of white rice flour, tapioca starch and sweet white sorghum flour. This blend is used in our brownies, oatmeal cookies, danish pastries and sandwich bread. 

  2. I see that your products are gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and soy free. What other allergens do you try to avoid in your products?

    Wherever possible, we also try to avoid using cornstarch, xanthan gum and powdered egg whites. We use a vegan egg yolk replacer (The Vegg) in the sandwich bread and danish pastries. Ground flaxseed gel is our main egg replacer. Our fruit fillings (raspberry and lemon) are made with arrowroot and not cornstarch. We will use powedered goat's milk as a dairy substitute. For some recipes, we will use duck eggs. Items that use an ingredient that might be suspect to any type of allergic reaction, the product will be marked accordingly. 

  3. I know that xanthan gum is widely used in gluten free products however, I can't have it. What thickener does Queen Bee Bakery use?

    We initially used xanthan gum but have recently switched over to guar gum after many customers expressed their concern about sensitivity to this ingredient.

  4. Which products have nuts or tree nuts in them?

    Because nut and tree nut allergies are so serious, we have limited any product that contains them to a minimum. The only products we currently offer that have nuts in them are the shortbread cookies (almond meal) and the cran orange walnut cookies (walnuts). Please note that Queen Bee Bakery products are made in a facility that handles nuts, tree nuts and peanuts. Every precaution is followed to ensure that there is little to no cross contatmination to our products. 

  5. Are Queen Bee Bakery products vegan?

    We say that our goods are vegan by default. Wherever possible, we use an alternative (egg replacers and dairy free butter blend) based on allergen needs. In the end, our products turn out to be vegan! NOTE: Please read the ingredient lists on our products carefully as some products may contain an animal based ingredient such as powdered egg whites or powedered goat's milk. 

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  1. Are Queen Bee Bakery Products made in a dedicated gluten free facility?

    Our products are made on dedicated gluten free equipment in a facility that is not a dedicated gluten free environment. We produce in a kitchen that also handles wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy, soy and eggs. However, the amount of wheat and gluten handled in this kitchen is extremely small - it processes more nut based items than wheat/gluten based items. 

  2. What is the shelf life of Queen Bee Bakery products?

    Our cookies will stay fresh and soft for about 4-6 weeks if properly stored in an airtight container or refridgerated. Our products are packaged the day they are produced. The sandwich rolls and danish pastries will last about a day or two before getting a bit stale and hard. 

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  1. Where can I purchase Queen Bee Bakery products?

    Click on the Where To Buy page to see if your favorite health food store or cafe is carrying Queen Bee Bakery products. If you would like to see our products available in a store near you, contact us with the name of the business so we can reach out to them. You can also shop our on-line Store and have your favorite Queen Bee Bakery goods shipped right to you! 

  2. Does Queen Bee Bakery have a storefront?

    We are currently renting the kitchen at Gourmetibles Chocolate Studio on Main Street in Beacon, NY. This is to help get us started and build our gluten free, allergy friendly brand! You are welcome to visit every Monday afternoon (3PM to 6PM) and Tuesdays (8AM to 6PM) to purchase our freshly baked goods! There are no immediate plans to seek out our own storefront but your support will help us get there!

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